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Prenancy in White

About Me


Picking the right person to support you through your pregnancy, preparations for birth and as you find your feet in the postnatal period is really important.

Hypnobirthing and baby class instructors come in all flavours and all with different styles of teaching and knowledge. As a scientist by training (got a PhD don’t y’know), I have fine-tuned my antenatal classes to ensure that they are realistic and honest, factual and importantly evidenced-based, even the bits that sound a bit more woo (read about the science of hypnobirthing here).

As a Mum of two boys, I know that the early weeks and months with a baby can be a rollercoaster of emotions and so my baby classes are calm, relaxed, judgement free spaces where you can relax, vent, get a hug, hot cuppa and a biscuit with others in a similar situation. Community and support are incredibly important to me and at the heart of Mama’s tlc.


I trained as a hypnobirthing instructor in 2019 after the birth of my first Son Leo. I credit hypnobirthing for the incredibly positive experience we had with Leo’s birth despite complications after his birth (read our story here). Hypnobirthing helped me feel confident and prepared going into Leo’s birth, and helped me cope with pain, the possibility of induction and post-birth complications – ultimately leaving both me and my husband with positive feelings about his birth. I trained because I wanted others to feel this way, no matter what curve-balls are thrown – just because plans change, doesn’t mean you can’t be in control.


Whilst I work independently, I am part of The Birth Uprising gang of hypnobirthing instructors, midwives and Doulas across the UK, meaning I am supported and can tap into a wealth of antenatal knowledge. My hypnobirthing training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, and I regularly attend courses to update my knowledge. Living locally, I am familiar with both the Rosie Hospital and Hinchingbrooke Hospital maternity units and processes – ensuring you can get the best experience you can.


Following Robin’s birth in 2021 (read birth story here), I added to my knowledge and qualified as a baby massage and baby yoga teacher with Blossom & Berry. Combined with postnatal training the classes that I offer encompass a nurturing environment for you and baby with up-to-date knowledge and support.

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